Everything You Need To Know About Mental Health!

What is mental health?

A lot of people in our society are confused about what mental health really means. Don’t worry, Venthrapy is here to help! Spend the next 5 minutes understanding the basics of your mental health!

What is Mental Health?

In simple terms, mental health is the combination of our emotional, behavioural and cognitive well-being. It refers to the thoughts we have, the emotions we feel and the actions we take based on these thoughts and emotions. People often confuse “positive mental health” with the absence of a mental disorder. However, positive mental health refers to when an individual has good self-confidence and self-esteem, is able to work productively and deal with the stress and uncertainty that life may throw at them.

We keep our bodies healthy by participating in different physically demanding exercises such as sports (football, basketball, cricket, hockey etc) and going to the gym. Similarly, we should take care of our mental wellbeing as well, by constantly practising different techniques which make sure that we overcome any mental disorder we may suffer from but also to keep us mentally fit. 

Mental wellness is very subjective and dynamic in nature. Hence, the practices which work for your family and friends may not work for you. It is about trial and error. We must find the techniques that are right for us and help us improve our mental well-being. Over time, researchers have come up with various techniques such as therapy, meditation, journaling and many more to help people improve their mental stability.

Mental health and India

In India, mental health disorders are becoming a big concern. . Studies show more than 2 crore people are suffering from a mental disorder in the country. It can be the people who are closest to us that might be going through a mental disorder and are not vocal about it due to the fear of judgement and ridicule!   As empathetic human beings, we must ensure that if anyone is going through a mental disorder, we comfort them, let them know that we are there for them and advise them to seek professional help

People all around the country are adopting various mental health and well-being practices in their daily lives. These practices are gaining popularity due to the real-time benefits everyone is experiencing after making a conscious decision of working on their mental wellbeing. Better stress management skills, decreased anxiety levels, better time management, increased productivity and the ability to limit one’s overthinking are just a few of the benefits people are experiencing since they made mental wellness practices a part of their routine. 

Why is mental health important?

Mental health is one of the most important components of overall well-being and quality of life. It has a drastic impact on our overall productivity and personal relationships. Positive mental health can have a drastic impact on our physical health, such as decreased heart rate, improved sleep, regulated sugar levels, improved cognition and much more. 

A positive attitude in life has a number of benefits in our daily lives. It improves the quality of relationships we form, increases our self-confidence and helps us make better decisions. 

In the world we live in, we are all connected to each other in one way or another. We all live a very fast-paced life and often forget to think about taking care of ourselves. Taking charge of our mental wellness will not only allow us to become more resilient but also acknowledge and express gratitude for what we have. 

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