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Anuradha Mahadevan

M. Phil, Clinical Psychology, RCI Number: A43875

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Clinical Psychological disorders Child & Adolescent problems Marital Issues Relationship problems


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The stigma of mental illness is something of serious concern. While there is recent progress, continued effort is required to eradicate the stigma that mental health is a self-made problem. 

The stigma of mental illness impacts the early identification and treatment. Anything physical is always seen in terms of biological cause whereas mental health problem is perceived only to be source of him/her self. This is something upsetting about the mental health. The ambiguity and lack of understanding about this condition leaves some people mislead. This makes the sufferers feel shame, embarrassment and guilt over their illness.

Mental illness has been mostly seen as a dark creature afraid to be fully acknowledged. It is a sad fact that mental illness is seen as a defect in a person. It is easy to judge someone without proper understanding and depict mental health symptoms in an exaggerated way.


Nirman Psychiatric Rehabilitation and De-addiction Centre, Pune as a Clinical Psychologist from February 2019.

Clinical Psychologist at Vazhikatti Mental Health Centre and Research Institute, Coimbatore from November 2014 to September 2018.

Took a proficient lead, taking care of Child and Adolescent PSychology clinic (CAPS clinic), a unit of Vazhikatti Hospitals exclusive centre.

B.Sc., Psychology and Interior Design- FIRST CLASS, May 2008  (Avinashilingam University, India.)

M.Sc.,Applied Psychology – FIRST CLASS, May 2010  (PSG College of Arts & Science, India.)

M.Phil.,Clinical Psychology  – FIRST CLASS, Sep 2014  (Amity University, Rajasthan, India.)